Platform for Solar Energy


"Solar Energy is cheaper than Fossil fuel Energy."

Now The question should be "how can we apply this Energy ?"

Solar Energy involves the use of two principal Technologies;

Solar Thermal Energy (Hot Water generation) and Solar Photon Energy (Electrical Power Generation).

With 20+ years experience in the sector of Solar Energy, principally from developing and applying our own Solar Solutions; we aim to demonstrate our choice of Solar systems, with sufficient information to enable you to engage with these Technologies.

Every 1 seconds
2,883 TWh of Solar energy radiates onto Planet Earth
Every 1 minutes
radiation of Solar Energy sufficient for all the Primary Energy consumed by humanity during 2019 (162,000TWh)
1 years
a potential Lifespan for Solar power Plant
reduction in Solar Panel production costs since 1977
Solar Thermal Cost per kW capacity
Solar PV Cost per kW capacity
solar thermal netgreen
Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy using Insolation radiation, that traps heat in the absorbent layer of the Collector, with direct solar sunlight. This heat is conducted and transmitted as hot water to a storage/application System.

Solar Thermal Key Facts (Thermal Heat Pipes Collector): Energy generation per Area - 800 Watt.hour/m2; Price per kW - €430

netgreen solar thermal apps
Applications - Solar Thermal

Space Heating & Cooling - Underfloor & Fan Convector

Hot Water - DHW and Swimming Pool Heating

Space Cooling using an Absorption Chiller

Electrical power generation - with Sterling Engine.

Hybrid Applications - integral with Heat Pumps

solar pv netgreen
Solar PV Electrical Energy

Solar PV Energy based on  the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic (PV) effect is commercially utilized for electricity generation.

Solar PV Key Facts (using Polycrystalline solar panels): Energy generation per Area - 180 Watt.hour/m2; Price per kW - €700

netgreen solar pv apps
Applications - Solar PV

Electrical power generation & Storage

DC Power Micro Grid

Hybrid power generation - with Wind/Hydro

Hybrid PV Space heating/cooling  - integral with DC Heat Pumps

DC Appliances - Lighting & Appliances


Undertaken during 2023 & 2024

a hybrid Solar assisted Heat Pump system that provides Space Heating/Cooling, DHW and Swimming Pool Heating.

Starts in 2024

A Model that generates huge financial benefits for all Stakeholders from using Solar Thermal energy, to reduce a Hotels running costs..